go to bed wtf


go to bed wtf

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Yeah but imagine fenris with fuzzy socks

master gave fenris a sock

fenris is a free elf

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clearly this is what they should have named inquisition

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- Sketch: $15 for one character/creature, + $5 for additional 

(I may also offer a sketch “page” for $30ish, like the bottom left, if there’s any interest? It would include at least a couple fairly detailed sketches as well as some less polished scribbling.) 

- Basic color: $20 for one character/creature, + $10 for additional 

Please note that these prices are for busts and 3/4. If you’d like a full body drawing, we can discuss.

I can do people, animals, and anthros. 

I’d prefer not to do any intensely rendered work at the moment, but if you’ve got your heart set on something more painted we can try to figure it out.

If there’s a drawing of mine in particular that you like the look of, let me know before I begin your commission and I can try to emulate the style of it for you. Thanks for your consideration!

Please contact me at stonelions(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested. I’ll be starting off by taking 5 and I’ll go from there? If you’ve got a question feel free to send an ask, but email is where I’d prefer to be contacted if you know you want something. 

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tons of ppl reblogging my old art

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i drew this 4ever ago and never posted it wow

i drew this 4ever ago and never posted it wow

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Plot twist: Everyone in Inquisition is voiced by Gideon Emery.


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vivienne + fashion [x]

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thinks deeply abt inquisitors……

thinks deeply abt inquisitors……

223 notes da3 tag sighs qunari babe is goign to be my first inquisitor i can feel it shes all tall and intimidating but shes so nice adn so sweet and madly in love w/ cassandra oops oh lord shes like. hawkes biggest fan and shes heard all of varrics stories multiple times UPSETTING if she gets 2 meet hawke in-game she will cry but more importantly i will cry sometimes shes just like 'varric ive read all of ur hawke/fenris fanfiction now write some more b4 i throw u off a cliff'