Some process shots of my latest pic


Some process shots of my latest pic

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whats yr main blog

my rebloggy blog is littletinyelf if thats what u mean

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fa·vour (n): historically, a badge or ribbon worn or given to indicate loyalty; a token of love or goodwill

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im DELETING summa yall are jsut too much today bye

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he is an elf with lyrium tattoos who can make a ghost fist to tear out your heart and in this universe there is magic that can change you into a giant spider, but a trans man with a deep voice is IMPOSSIBLE HERE

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on the real tho

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does ur comic mean aveline is kirkwalls Leslie Knope

CLOSE BUT NO shes ben wyatt

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Im going to need a dissertation about this.

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wrong. fooled you all this entire time. my trans headcanons arent headcanons they are fact. they are the truth. fenris is trans pls open ur eyes.

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