right so idk if you're familiar with this tumblr post (which I can't find right now) but it was someone saying that they got some sort of skin irritation and their mum wanted them to go to the hospital and the dad was like "now let's not do anything rash" and they and their dad high-fived and the mum yelled at them and now literally all I can think of is Hawke as the dad and Fenris as the mum and Baby with the rash and yeah okay that's it hope ur having a gr9 day

I HAVENT SEEN THAT POst but thsi is golden THANK U SO MUCH

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why is no one paying attention to gideon emery.

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OMG 18… oops.. i thought u meant 21 thats why i suggested drinks (ive always thought u were older!!)

OMG i cnat believe u thought i was older i still act like a 12 year old. i am forever 12

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when i was at the eye doctor like 2 weeks ago one of the nurse ladies looked at my chart all confused and she said “UR 17??? U LOOK 12” and i was just :) haha yea thank (((: then my mom made fun of me for the rest of the day

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im gonna be an adult in a month thats. so surreal. i

i dont feel like ive aged past 15 i refuse this

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im gonna be an adult in 2 days what hte fucky

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shoutout 2 anyone whos proud of themselves 4 giving fenris back 2 danarius

u suck now go dig ur grave bc im about to put you in it

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shout out to people who reblog my art

it’s like when you doodle something and your mom puts it up on the fridge except it’s the internet

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Go behind the scenes with Ramon Tikaram, the voice of Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisiton!

fuck you’re too charming

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